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Customers First Podcast

With Your Host: Tacey Atkinson

Engaging in Customer-Centric Conversations with industry experts from around the globe to discuss strategies to deliver Magical Customer Experiences.


Oct 31, 2023

Join Tacey and her Special Guest, organic content marketing & SEO expert, Lauren Gaggioli. Today's topic is Using SEO to "feed Uncle Google" what he needs to drive business to your site.

Lauren shares insight to the importance of keywords and SEO to help everyone become more visible to the bots.


Oct 24, 2023

Join Tacey and her Special Guest, Katie Brinkley, Owner & Social Media Strategist at Next Step Social Communications.


Today's topic is “Bringing the Social, Back to Social Media”


Katie discusses how social media can be an incredible tool to help find new leads, build community, grow sales, and bring the social...

Oct 17, 2023

Join Tacey and her Special Guest, Chris Hood, author of "Customer Transformation" and digital strategist, has over 35 years of experience in online development. He advises businesses on innovation, and has written the book: “Customer Transformation, A 7-Stage Strategy for Customer Alignment and Business Value.


Oct 10, 2023

Join Tacey and her Special Guest, Author, Speaker, Co-Founder & CEO of GreenPal, Bryan Clayton.

Today's topic is “Are You Prioritizing the Customer?”


Bryan discusses how to get the right team in place & aligned to your goals while driving everyone towards making the customer the top priority. From hiring to...

Oct 3, 2023

Join Tacey and her Special Guest, 40 Year Executive Leadership, Entrepreneur and Author, Roy Osing.

Today's topic is “Be Different or Be Dead.”

Roy discusses the importance of breaking out of the “sameness” that business have excepted as the norm and standing out to be the ONLY ONE doing……(fill in the...