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Customers First Podcast

With Your Host: Tacey Atkinson

Engaging in Customer-Centric Conversations with industry experts from around the globe to discuss strategies to deliver Magical Customer Experiences.


Feb 22, 2022

Join Tacey and Her special guest, dental Hygienist Katie Laughlin. Katie describes how her practice is making visits fun through education and relationship building.

Timestamp: 00:55: Katie's Story

Timestamp: 05:22: Developing Trust

Timestamp: 15:09: Low Employee & Patient Turnover

Timestamp: 17:38: Katie's Speed...

Feb 15, 2022

Join Tacey and her special guest author Kelly Hawkins as they discuss writing for the reader experience.

Timestamp: 00:58: Kelly's Story

Timestamp: 19:39: The customer service the author experiences

Timestamp: 30:08: Kelly's Speed Round

Kelly's Contact Information:

Instagram: @kmo_hawkins

Feb 8, 2022

Join Tacey and James Elliott owner of High Adventure Leadership as they discuss Leadership, Mentorship and how those affect Customer Service.


Timestamp: 00:53: James Story

Timestamp: 10:35: Defining Mentorship

Timestamp: 23:50: James Speed Round

James contact information:

Website: www.

Feb 1, 2022

Join Tacey and her special Guest Christine Morrison, Owner of Black Dog Day Care and they discuss the joys and challenges of running a doggie day care and how those can help you in many other areas of business.

Timestamp: 00:54: Christine's animal history

Timestamp: 06:40: USA spends $3.65 Billion per year