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Customers First Podcast

With Your Host: Tacey Atkinson

Engaging in Customer-Centric Conversations with industry experts from around the globe to discuss strategies to deliver Magical Customer Experiences.


Apr 25, 2023

Join Tacey and her special guest, Speaker, Business Owner, Coach & Owner of Simplifying Entrepreneurship, Pete Mohr.

Today's topic is: "The Customer Must Be At The Core."

Pete discusses how your business has to keep the customer at the core of every decision. He shares his 5 Ps of business. Promise, Product, Process,...

Apr 18, 2023

Join Tacey and her special guest, Author and Creativity-Awareness Educator Michaell Magrutsche, as they discuss "How to Humanize Customer Experience Through Creativity."

Through years of research, Michaell shares how customer experience is a unique part of human growth. How micromanaging a team does not work, and the...

Apr 11, 2023

Join Tacey and her special guests, Partners at the personal branding firm, BrandFace, Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr, as they discuss this week's topic of "People Don't Do Business With A Logo."

BrandFace's mantra is "People don't do business with a logo. They do business with a person." Tonya breaks down where that came...

Apr 4, 2023

Join Tacey and her special guest, Anthony Coppedge, as they discuss this week's topic of "Fail Often, Be Agile & Transform Culture."

 Anthony shares the importance of Business Agility and OKRs to transform cultures. He explains the significance of trends and patterns to drive change forward. To keep us from getting...