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Customers First Podcast

With Your Host: Tacey Atkinson

Bringing together people from all areas of business to discuss things like, the importance of targeted customer service, brand perception and the customer journey.


Aug 16, 2022

Join Tacey and Global Customer Experience Guru, Jason Bradshaw as they discuss the importance of creating an entire community of customer experience champions.

Timestamp: 8:38: We can't do it alone.

Timestamp: 13:16: The Disney Way

Timestamp: 19:55: In mistake, we can build loyalty

Jason's Contact Information: website:

Aug 9, 2022

Join Tacey this week for episode 62 (which is pretty cool I am doing solo when I was born in 1962, lol) I am answering listeners questions on my own this week.

Have questions you would like me to answer on air next time, email me at or DM me on social media. All the links can be found...

Aug 2, 2022

Join Tacey And Roy Worley as they discuss the importance of the end user experience in the world of voice-over acting.

Timestamp: 00:57: Roy's Story

Timestamp: 18:07: Storytelling and evoking emotions.

Timestamp: 22:32: Roy's Speed Round

Tacey's contact info all found on (under construction but all...

Jul 26, 2022

Join Tacey and her Special Guest Scott Edwards as they discuss how Scott led a chain of comedy clubs to success by putting the customer experience at the forefront.

Timestamps: 07:31: The customer ISN"T always right!

Timestamp: 10:05: Keeping both your internal and external customer happy

Timestamp: 17:20: Garry...

Jul 19, 2022

Join Tacey and her special guest: Podcaster, Author & Leadership Coach, Casey Wooley as they discuss "You're a Leader, Now What? A Guide to the First 100 Days!"

Timestamp:01:03: Casey's Story

Timestamp: 003:36: Difference between being a Manager & being a Leader

Timestamp: 05:19: 100 days of observation and...