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Customers First Podcast

With Your Host: Tacey Atkinson

Engaging in Customer-Centric Conversations with industry experts from around the globe to discuss strategies to deliver Magical Customer Experiences.


Jun 6, 2023

Join Tacey and her special guest: Dr. Jessica Kriegel as they discuss Transforming Workplace Cultures. Jessica is an Author, Keynote Speaker and Workplace Culture Transformation Expert.

Jessica's journey: Timestamp: 01:10

Jessica's definition of Culture: Timestamp: 06:34

Who is responsible for culture?: Timestamp: 12:04

Jessica discusses Purpose, strategy & culture. Feedback, recognition and storytelling. Tune in to see how all these things work together to create your culture.

Jessica's Spill the Tea session: Timestamp: 33:53

Jessica's Culture Transformation Guide and her book are found on her website:

Jessica's contact information: 


Tacey's Contact Information, Website and Social Media Links are all on her LinkTree:

Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


Customer-Centric Cultures Create Magical Customer Experiences.

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